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The "Sternenklang" project is an integral part of the shared history of the choir center and the Christuskirche. With the reconstruction and renovation measures, stars once again adorn the vaulted ceiling of the church - following the pre-1945 model.

Many people have already helped us to cover part of the construction costs by taking on a star sponsorship, thus actively helping to shape the development of the SoundHall Christuskirche. For an even more excellent sound and optimal conditions for choir music, we currently need money for the following construction measures:

  • Double glazing of the church windows behind the altar perimeter
  • A fold-out back wall for the acoustic improvement of the altar area
  • Acoustic ceiling canvas

Please help us...

... to create a high quality SoundHall!

Contribute to making the Christuskirche shine like a star in the landscape of the choir city of Hannover and get in touch with us today!

This is how it works:

1. Choose a star and become a patron.

2. Name a star

3. Making the Christuskirche sound

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