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Christuskirche SoundHall

Discover an extraordinary church

Experience the beauty of a 19th century sanctuary

Listen to present day musicians perform in a centuries old church

The Christuskirche SoundHall blends present day music within an older setting.

This particular room of the Lutheran church is used as a sanctuary for sermans and the reading of the gospel on Sundays. Incoporated into the service are the sounds of the organ, hymns of the congregation, and the music of the choir. The "Christuskirche SoundHall" has the dual use of a church sanctuary and a concert hall, thus interweaving the traditions of both purposes. 

The vision: The Christuskirche is the site of a worshiping congregation - and at the same serves as a concert hall.

The Christuskirche is home to the internationally renowned M├Ądchenchor Hannover and a performance hall for children and youth choirs from all over the world. It is a place of worship and a choir center. The installation of an excellent accoustical rehearsal space for the M├Ądchenchor Hannover underneath the risers in the nave has created an attractive stage for both congregation and concert auditorium above. Christuskirche SoundHall is the lasting combination of modernism and neo-gothic spatial arts of choral music througout the centuries. It is a cultural venue in the heart of the Choral City of Hanover. It is a promise for the future.

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